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About Us
GeneShun Biotech Ltd is mainly engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of life science product and devotes to provide innovative product for life science researchers. Through advanced technologies, we offer many different innovative kits and reagents and one-to-one support to help researchers reach their goals faster with greater success.
A series of products with high quality and high stability have been developed since the company's establishment. GeneShun Biotech provide a wide variety of popular products,including Nucleic Acid Isolation&Purification(Such as High pure Plasmid DNA Purification kits; PCR products/Agarose Gel DNAPurification Kits; Genomic DNA purification kits),DNA Molecular Weight Markers(Such as 50bp DNA ladder; 100bp DNA ladder;1kb DNA ladder),
New Products
¡¤Promotion of High quality Proteinase K 2015-6-26
¡¤Promotion of High quality Proteinase K 2013-12-5
¡¤dNTP Promotion 2011-10-8
¡¤Total RNA isolation kit 2010-9-25
¡¤Hotstar Taq DNA Polymerase 2010-9-15
OEM Products
1. PCR Products: Taq DNA Polymerase, Pfu DNA Polymerase, Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, Hotstar Taq Polymerase, Taq Master Mix.
2. DNA Ladder/Marker: Such as 20bp DNA ladder, 50bp DNA ladder, 100bp DNA ladder, 1kb DNA ladder.
3. DNA Purification: Plasmid DNA Purification Kits, Genomic DNA Purification Kits, PCR Purification Kits, Gel Extration Kit
4. RNA Products: Total RNA Purification Kits, RT-PCR Kits, Reverse Transctiption enzyme. 5.Proteinase K, Agarose£¬silica spin column(Mini spin column)
Technical Support
¡¤Preparation of laboratory re
¡¤Protein electrophoresis reag
¡¤DNA&RNA electrophoresis-rela
Contact Us
Address:  Room8001, Middlebuilding, MansionJunhui, No.7, Tiyu xi Road, Guangzhou, China.
Tel:  +86 20-23312160
Fax:  +86 20-87056567
Email:  geneshunbio@126.com
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